Monday, 20 October 2014

New Rulebook!

The link up the top right is now an updated version of the PDF - mainly tidies up the language, corrects typos, and tweaks the speed factors to make a more of a difference between the three classes. It's only taken me five years to get around to it...

Unfortunately I've lost the old playsheet to reformating an old laptop a few years back and the link is broken. Has anybody got the old file? I'd be grateful if anybody could email me one if so. Cheers.

Also have some linkage:-


  1. Glad to see progress being made on this again. I was worried that it had died out and, from what little chance I've had to play around with it, that would have been a damn shame because it seems like quite a bit of (potentially) cheap & easy fun as wargames go.

  2. I have blank record sheets. Ill scan one and get it to you sir.

  3. CoopD - i downloaded these rules and they seem like just the thing to start playing with some mad max inspired cars i'm working on. THANKS.

  4. moving the entire speed seems like a massively long table is needed

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