Friday, 12 November 2010

New Stuff

Two months? Crikey that flew by. Have some new linkage.

Rob at fourcoloursupers has knocked up a couple of cars here. Rob is an occasional attendee at Stourbridge to play A Very British Civil War with some of the club members and is interested in A&A2. We haven't actually spoken yet (the AVBCW group isn't one I'm normally involved with on Friday nights) but I have offered a game via a mutual friend.

Jim has another A&A car project on the go based around a non-transforming Transformer police car (no doubt the nephew could tell me exactly which Transformer this is).

And reference to a game of A&A at Fall-In but sadly no pics nor a lot of info really. A bit of a tease that!


  1. I also got a game in with co-workers this week at my local comic shop in Kansas. Total of three players this time, but had quite a few people stopping by to have a look.

    I'll be sure to have my phone charged next time in order to have some in game action pictures!

    BTW, I was teaching the game and lost after thinking I could drive through oil.

  2. Great to see interest growing. I like the bug alot! I need to break out a camera on my small car lot to share.

  3. Posted a quick run down of my car models and general input on Axles & Alloys.

  4. I've nomiated you for a Stylish Blogger Award:


  5. I know this is old, but just in case...

    Hey, fogrob, I'm interested in this game and I'm also in Wichita. I'm at Hero Complex almost every Saturday if you want to play!

  6. I would love to get an A&A game club rolling in my area - I'm sure the idea would be appealing to both younger and older players. I'm an old Car Wars fan who loves the simpler A&A rules set.

    And, while the majority of players modify die-cast cars for play, I've invested in three packages of Hot Wheels "Squinkies" (tiny 3/4" cars made of squeezably soft rubber, each with their own storage ball) in hopes of the option of a pick-up-and-play "pocket-sized" version.

    Wish me luck!

  7. Not sure it your still developing A&A, but I just hosted a game of A&A at KublaCon (in Burlingame, CA) this past weekend, and posted up a game report on my blog. I also have stat cards I made up and a 2 page cheat sheet for players. We played two different scenarios with up to 8 players at a time. The response to the game was great.