Thursday, 13 May 2010

A&A2 in Minnesota and Canada

Been more than a bit quiet on the A&A2 front over the past month or so. Well, that's me being quiet anyway, others have not been so remiss.

Matt Helmen in Minnesota emailed me ages ago with a link to his report of a very pretty-looking game he ran over on Lead Adventure - excellent looking cars and terrain that puts mine to shame. There are more pictures in his gallery here. Cracking stuff.

Also emailing me and neglected up until this point is Glen Jupp of Hamilton Road Gaming Group who sent pics of another game in Canada. The blue plastic is water and everytime a car travels through it, it Loses Control. That's real Iron Man Axles and Alloys for you!

Thanks to both Matt and Glenn for the reports and pics, apologies for not posting them earlier, just the old hassle of Getting Around To It!