Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I Hate Deadlines...

Frantically painting and gluing and flocking at the moment to get everything sorted for Sunday when DaveO and I run A&A2 at the West Midlands Military Show. Life has been ridiculously busy lately to the point where the real car is disgracefully filthy because I honestly haven't been able to fit in a hour of daylight to throw a sponge over it. Will be glad after Sunday when I can kick back without feeling a bit guilty about it. Running dangerously close to the old "had enough, burnt out" state that I slipped into with gaming about 5 or 6 years ago.

Anyroad, two more cars to show you!

Firstly, the Pursuit Interceptor of Sanctioned Operative Ms. Virginia Dentata...

An old Matchbox AMX Pro Stocker from the 1970s with Stan Johansen bits added to it. After the slight disappointment of the Pontiac I went for bright colours this time that wouldn't vanish under all the weathering, hence the sky blue and yellow "splinter" camo. Because of the awesome 70's road racing shape of the car I felt it suited the idea of being the workhorse of a Dark Future Sanctioned Op and kept that in mind.

Next up is the silliness that is the Twin Mustang. Not quite finished yet, looking at the photos suggests that I should throw some Badab Black wash on the grille detailing. I had intended to paint the car in "banger racing" style with paint splashed over everything (lights, front wheels etc.) but in 20mm scale this just looks like I was bone idle with the painting.

Possibly should have made the right-hand side armour more interesting - reinforcing plates or struts or similar. Still, I live and learn and I think I can redo this, but not until after WMMS.

Fronts of the cars don't look as "pastel" in real life. A bit of Badab Black should sort that out.

I think both will do. At the end of the day (the sun goes down etc.) they are for members of the public to play with so perhaps shouldn't have too much time spent upon them.


  1. Good luck...I'm sure it'll all get done in time.

    Nice AMX by the way.

  2. Coop - thought of you and your double mustang when my son's new issue of National Geographic Kids came this month.

    Snapped a a pic from it here:


  3. Hey those pics are nice! I loved the Mustang.
    And I completely with you, I really hate deadlines. It is like they make you feel guilty all the time. As if the stuff was staring at you saying: you need to do this right now. And you know that it is going to be anohter of your Missed deadlines. There is nothing to do about it, some people is born with that thing that they prefer to work to a deadline and some others like us are not. It doesn´t matter, we just have to enjoy things as they are!