Sunday, 14 February 2010

Three Works-In-Progress

Some spy shots from the New Tipton Skunkyards. Very, very, very black because these have just been primered with GW Chaos Black spraypaint before the real painting starts.

Exhibit #1

1970s-era Matchbox Pontiac Firebird equipped with some Stan Johansen Miniatures bits. One of three cars that I've recently bought off eBay because I had them when I was a boy and wanted to do A&A versions of them.

With the Pontiac, I absolutely love the brutal nose and exposed rocker covers on this car so have not gone for the usual post-apoc armour plates everywhere in order not to obscure it's shape and everything that I liked about the original. It just has a small turret on the roof and a rearwards facing light weapon (MG or Light Laser I suppose). The rear window armour is also from the Stan Johansen packs and the other armour on the rear is just card - the backing card from diecast blister packs is ideal for this and is, in fact, what I use. The armour will be rusty metal, no idea what colour the car will be yet.

Exhibit #2

This is another 70's Matchbox and another of the cars I had as a child, an AMX Pro Stocker. I've never been able to find out anything about the real car but I assume it was an oval racer in the States. My original AMX got dragged out of storage and repainted orange when Dark Future came out (so was almost certainly the first car I ever converted for this kind of nonsense) but is of course now lost to history.

The AMX was another favourite shape so has been left pretty much as-is, just with a Stan Johansen Gatling gun and two light weapons on the roof. The rear window armour is the same piece as fitted to the Pontiac. I envisage this car as a Sanctioned Op's pursuit Interceptor.

Exhibit #3

Right then, this will take some explaining. :)

Back the A&A1 days I had a model consisting of one Ford Mustang mounted on top of another one. Why? Well, it all came about from flipping through an book on Second World War fighter aircraft and discovering the F-82 Twin Mustang...

...which was two P-51 Mustang fuselages mounted together. The obvious punning potential occured to me so I built the "Twin Mustang", two 60s-era Mustangs mounted up with a top one and a bottom one. Silly pun, made a few people laugh and helped point out that A&A was ever so slightly not serious.

Anyway we have a new Ford Mustang now, and I thought we needed a new "Twin Mustang". So here it is. :)

This will be filthied-up in true post-apoc style. On of the huge armour plates (yep, backing card again) will have the slogan "TWIN MUSTANG" on, the other will have "F-82" on it. Be interesting to see how many people around the shows twig the reason behind it. Oh, and for the record, I envisage this one as being piloted from the top 'stang with all the running gear being in the bottom 'stang. Has to be a Heavy Vehicle in A&A terms.


  1. The Wheeled Warriors automotive combat toy cars from the 1980s had an interesting interpretation of the phrase "Stack and Attack" mentioned in the accompanying animated series.

    One of the Lightning League vehicles, Armed Force, was built to permit any of the three other Lightning League vehicles (Drill Sargeant, Quick Draw and Spike Trike) to be placed on top of it.

    Your Twin Mustang construction clearly looks like it is performing a "Stack and Attack" maneuver. :o)

    Check out the Web site below for more information on Wheeled Warriors.

    Holy Jumpin' Space Rats: A Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Web Site

  2. That AMX is a proper muscle car shape. *hearty approval*

    Exhibit #3 ... Oh, and for the record, I envisage this one as being piloted from the top 'stang with all the running gear being in the bottom 'stang.

    Nah. True Scientific Realism(tm) requires the brakes, throttle and gears in the bottom car, and steering in the top (link related, from 3:00)

  3. Good stuff!

    The AMX is excellent...real 70's stuff.