Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Stan Johansen Miniatures Accessories Sets

My order from Stan Johansen Miniatures arrived from sunny Florida today complete with a few extra bits chucked in because they are nice people like that.

Straight out of the bags and a couple of very quick and dirty photographs.

RW008 Accessories Set 1 ($8). The cars included for scale are Matchbox, a "Trevor" and a Corvette ZR1 in the usual scale. Lots of guns, armour plates, turrets and a few other bits and pieces including two mantlets.

RW009 Accessories Set 2 ($8). This set has a few gunners. The two gunners firing pistols are presumably passengers, but could double as drivers. Shame the gun arms are a bit over long though. There's a really good large turret with cast-in gunner and some of the other guns are designed to be fired by the gunners - they are cast with long stalks to be trimmed to size. Some really nice rockets too.

All good stuff, and should keep me in conversion bits for a while yet

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