Monday, 1 February 2010

New Draft!

There is now a new, improved draft of the A&A2 playtest rules

There's a very important correction in these of a mistake I never noticed in any of the earlier drafts and it's a biggie - Turns are up to 45 degrees, not fixed at 45 degrees.

Other that that I've added Napalm and Smokescreens, the Badlands Ambush scenario and a couple of optional rules to emulate the Jason Statham "Death Race" film that I watched on DVD yesterday.

I've also laid the rulebook out in what I hope is a better format than before - Dropped Weapons and Jumping Things have been shifted to their own chapters in order to leave the Movement section looking a lot cleaner and easier to digest (hopefully) and I've split Firing and Damage into two sections. I was getting concerned that all the extra and optional and recommended rules were making things a bit dense and unreadable.

There's no cover page on this one - I can't work out how to stop OpenOffice from applying headers and footers to every single page in the document which rather borked the cover. If you want a cover, cannibalise your old copy of the previous draft. :)


  1. Well, now you've done it. I've just gotta try the new rules. The local gaming club (Hamilton Road Gaming Group in London, Ontario, Canada) meets this weekend. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

    I too had trouble doing the same thing with OpenOffice. I remember there's an option buried somewhere for making the cover set-up different from the following pages, but I forget how I dug it up. I expect I went crawling through the help files.

  2. We didn't quite get to A&A2 at the meet. Another game ran longer than I expected. At least it was another car game :)

    Next meeting, promise. There's at least one guy who is sure to play. He always asks "can I ram" regardless of the game. It could be euchre or backgammon. "Can I ram?" A&A should make him happy.