Thursday, 11 February 2010

New Draft and a Playsheet!

Only one rule correction in this draft, it's mainly a matter of tidying up the English and trying to be consistent in usage of terms (for example using Vehicle everywhere other than the mix of "Vehicle" and "Car" it was before).

I've also done something that I really should have done straight away and that is to produce a one-sided A4 playsheet. Last time we tested the rules out I was flipping between pages and the lack of a playsheet really stood out.

Feb 11th Version here
Playsheet here


  1. I recently found these rules linked off of TMP and am busy kitbashing some Hot Wheels and itching to try them out. However, I have a question about turrets as described in the PDF.

    The description on Page 4 makes it sound like turrets can only ever fire in one direction: "Weapons that are within a turret must be declared as occupying one of four firing faces . . . This may not change during the game."

    I was a bit confused as this seemed to negate the fact that the weapon is mounted in a turret. Should it instead read, "Weapons that are (NOT) within a turret must be declared as occupying one of four firing faces..."?

  2. I'm mortified to say you are absolutely correct and that I am utterly dreadful at proof-reading :)

    Cheers for that, it should of cause read "not within a turret".

    I am finding it difficult to proof-read the rules as I keep seeing what I think is there, rather than what actually is. Needs some serious tearing down by people who haven't played it really.

  3. Thanks for the QRS. We'll definately be using it for our try out game.

  4. Coop - any thoughts on armed pedestrians or motorcycles?

  5. I finally got in a couple games of A&A today. The resulting havoc strongly reminded me of the best shenanigans from the old pocket box edition of Car Wars, but without the tedious bits like phased movement or spreadsheet calculations.

    I muffed up one or two rules, but I think that's due more to my memory than your writing. I forgot to do any control/skid checks, and we were laying only one dropped weapon template at a time instead of a string of 'em. Still loads of fun, though. I just may start up an "open league" of A&A at the local games club.

    Good stuff. Keep it going.

  6. any thoughts on armed pedestrians or motorcycles?

    I have thought at times about both, but shied away from including them. Bikes are a bit problematical to fit into the rules to be honest, the only way of balancing them against the cars is to make them very, very, very fragile but very, very, very difficult to hit.

    I worry that this would then create frustrating games whereby nobody ever seems to hit the biker coupled with games whereby a lucky shot occurs in the first turn and wipes the biker out. Neither strikes me as being much fun.

    The lack of easily-attainable bike models in the right scale doesn't help either.

    Pedestrians would just be Light Weapons with only a couple of Hit Points. Maybe doable, perhaps 6" move always count as fast moving because of their comparative small size. I do have some Dark Future pedestrians (via eBay) so perhaps Peds may turn up in the future.

    I feel Peds are more likely to make it into the rules than Bikes if I'm honest.

  7. Glenn,

    Really glad you enjoyed it. I muff rules all the time and I wrote them!

    Templates can be dropped at will, so you can just drop one or you can drop two or three all in contact or drop two or three out of contact. It's completely up to the driver as to how he does it. That's the intention anyway, if that isn't how it comes across in the rules please shout out and I'll get it fixed.

    I'd like to ultimately do a proper series of arena battles at my club with named drivers and a scoreboard of "kills" but it's just fitting it in around the hundreds of other games that need playing!

  8. Those particular rules make perfect sense as written, to anyone who actually takes the time to read 'em properly. Y'know, somebody other than me :)

    For league play, I think I'll borrow an idea from a successful Battletech league we had here. All drivers start their careers with light vehicles. After scoring a given number of points (ten? Driver rerolls are perfect for tracking this) the driver may use a medium chassis. Another ten (or whatever) points and they can have a heavy. Gives players a sense of achievement.

    Peds and Bikes: Yeah, don't want to take too much attention away from the cars. But all the post-apocalypse movies have bikes and ground-pounders. If I may make one or two suggestions, don't track pedestrian hit points. If a ped is hit then roll a die. 1-3, the doc can fix 'em up for the next game. 4-6, the doc goes through the pockets looking for loose change. Maybe one or two peds can have a bazooka/LAW/whatever (medium weapon, one shot) or some Molotov cocktails (throw out to 6 inches, uses a napalm counter).

    As for bikes, I personally wouldn't make them very very very difficult to hit. Just a bit more difficult. Maybe one step more difficult than a car for any given speed. To balance a bike against a car you really need more bikes. At least a pair, and preferably three or four. But as you point out, properly sized bikes are hard to find. I guess I'm lucky. I've got six from Dark Future, plus another six pieces I found on clearance in the toy aisle at the grocery store. They're only a little bigger than the DF bikes. Close enough for gaming.

    How about I just knock up some stats for bikes, try a biker gang at the next meeting here, then write you on how it went?

  9. After looking at this stuff for inspiration - you may understand my want for armed pedestrian and motorcycle rules...


    WARLANDS :: GE :: FEB '10


    As for bikes - I have a handful of DF ones myself, a few dirt bikes from RH Models (need to modify some riders), and order in for another couple of road bikes from the RH Models Urban Terror line, and another handful of WWII motorcycles.

  10. I promise, this is the last time today I'll bother you.

    I've whipped up some bikes & peds rules. If anyone wants to look at 'em and tell me where I went wrong then I would be totally receptive to your mockery and derision. Check into what I'm talking about at[[Axles%20&%20Alloys]]

    And have just a real nice day.