Sunday, 21 February 2010

A&A in Ontario

Glenn Jupp has emailed me to tell of a few games of A&A2 in Hamilton, Ontario (a place I'm almost certain I've been through on a coach in the midst of a four-day drinking bender on a school orchestra trip to the US and Canada back in my youth). Glenn is setting up a league with his own rules and is working on rules for motorbikes and pedestrians.

This gives him the honour of putting the first ever A&A2 photos out on the intertubes. I like the Trabant. :)


  1. Hamilton? I thought I was in London, Ontario :) Guess I'm not very good at giving directions, so if you're ever lost then don't ask me.

    A&A was a big hit here. It has the quick and crazy action for a good pick-up game, and enough of an equipment list to make players do some trading off and decision making.

    No real complaints yet. Some players kept expecting more rules for one thing or another (e.g. driving faster should make rams do more damage, and give better odds for putting fires out too). I think that's just a bit of a psychic holdover from Car Wars. Trouble shifting mental gears. But there was clear demand for motorcycles and big rigs. "Don't rush things," I told 'em.

    Good game, though. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Oops, I read the name of the club and got it wrong in my own mind!

    Speed of ramming is a very good point. I might tweak the rules to add +1 for the vehicle travelling at the faster speed. That would fit in with the general philosophy of the rules (yes, we do have one...) of encouraging people to drive faster and harder.

  3. Got some more games in yesterday. A couple slugging matches and three should-have-been-races. I had a bad scoring schedule, so the races turned into bumper cars. Not even one lap finished. I fixed that for the next meeting, but still... grr.

    Still no real complaints over the rules. I mentioned (but didn't use) the +1 to rams for speed and everyone agreed that it sounds like a good idea. The players here simply enjoy the quick and dirty feel to the game.