Monday, 1 February 2010

Axles and Alloys Cars From the Blogosphere

Found on blogger/blogspot


  1. I posted the URL for your new blog on BoardGameGeek.

    Should the Axles and Alloys section on BGG be used for your new version?

    Should a new section be created on Axles and Alloys for BGG as was done for Space Hulk First Edition, Space Hulk Third Edition, Formula De and Formula D?

    BoardGameGeek - Axles and Alloys

  2. Thanks for that Michael, it never crossed my mind TBH. I'm not entirely what, if anything, to do about a new page on BGG - I was quite surprised to see it there in the first place since it's not really BGG fodder, being a tabletop game and self-published to boot.

    I'll probably return to the problem when I have a finished version of the rules!