Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tarmac Basing

Two shots from Boardgamegeek of cars I based up for the 5th edition of Car Wars. To distinguish these from the post-apoc style I was making for A&A v1 I went for the fictional Hot Wheels models (assuming that a time 50 years into the future would see cars that don't exist today) and, for a corporate-sponsored arena, kept them clean so essentially they only got a little bit of paint detailing in order to mark out brake lights and the like.

The reason I'm posting them is because they illustrate the wet-and-dry basing technique described in the A&A II draft rulebook. Artboard rectangles 3" x 1.5" were cut and painted grey then a piece of grey wet-and-dry paper was glued to one side. This was cut slightly oversize so that the edges were not flush with the base sides or overhanging which would have seen them start lifting and fraying very quickly.

These were then drybrushed with the same grey as was used on the artboard. It's worth using an old brush for this - it's possibly the most destructive form of drybrushing you can do.

The white lines you see on some bases were done by laying down two strips of masking tape and dampbrushing an off-white along them, leaving the paint "bitty" and not completely filling the exposed areas. I then removed the tape and the resulting incomplete line looks just like a white line that has been exposed to weather and is starting to get worn away. Can be done with yellow as well. Very quick and easy and very effective. You can probably see this best on the first pic on the red car with the exposed wheels as the shape of the car exposes more of the base. Click for a full-size.

(Obviously the die-cast car is glued onto the base after all this has been done not before!)

The flame-effect car with the red trim on the wheels has some embossed card brickwork on it to represent a cobbled square or the line of bricks on the track at Indianapolis. Just a piece of the embossed card cut undersized and glued to the base, but I didn't really like the effect so only did a couple like this.

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