Sunday, 31 January 2010

Badlands Ambush


(A scenario that will probably get added to the draft rulebook and pretty much a rewrite of a setup that we use a lot for aerial wargames.)

For two sides. One side jumps the other. Dice for attacker/defender, high dice is attacker.

Attacker secretly nominates one or two entry points, corners or midway points of table edges.

Defender starts in centre of table having nominated a direction of travel. Defenders vehicles are travelling at 10". If a road is available, it can be laid out to match the direction of the defenders travel with other terrain features re-arranged to accommodate it but this is purely visual and has no game effect.

Attacker vehicles then enter within 6" of either of their entry points, but if two entry points were selected then each entry point must be used by at least one vehicle. Attacker vehicles start travelling at 15".

Any vehicle that exits the table edge (more than half of it's base off-table) counts as lost. Each vehicle immobilised or destroyed scores 1 point for the opposition, regards of cause of that loss. In the result of a draw, the Defender side wins as the Attackers had the burden of attack and the speed advantage in the first game turn.


  1. Looks good!

    How many cars per side would you suggest for this scenario?

    I'd like to try it out when I get enough cars done for a decent evening's worth of gaming.

  2. How long is a piece of string? :)

    It depends upon how many cars a player feels comfortable controlling. As you only have to preplot speed these days (not speed + turn as you did in A&A1) I think a player can handle multiple cars without too much hassle. If I were playing this tomorrow I'd probably have each player run two or three on a 6' x 4' table or 6' x 8' table.

    The idea is to provide a two-sided scenario for A&A whereas usually A&A is for large, multi-player games where everyone is out for himself.